Klaft GmbH is working on Climate Conserving Solutions since 40 years.

1st ground heat pump for monovalent operation in Europe 1975

1st CHP plant with condensing heat utilization in Europe 1985

1st air-water heat pump in Korea for floor heating 1980

Wärmebüro was established in 1932 from one of the oldest and most traditional companies of the branch heating, air-conditioning and health technology, Bechem & Post. Products of this company are still today in the heating museum of the company Buderus in Lollar, Germany (special sectional cast-iron boiler for coal firing, German Empire Patent).


1969 Mr. Herbert Klaft became owner-manager of the company Wärmebüro.


1974 The first Krupp-geothermal heat pump in Germany has been engineered, planned and installed by Wärmebüro Klaft with own installation personnel.


1975 One of the first multivalent system heatings in Europe, construction and commissioning (solar and heat pump).


1976 Leading in Europe in the range of underfloor heating with plastic pipe; Sale and assembly - installation sites in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, London etc.


1979 Cooperation with Korean partners since 1979. At that time, we implemented (as first company) PPC pipe for underfloor heating and sanitary systems (home pipe) in Korea. In 1984, Mrs. Yaung-Ae Klaft (Oh) had already translated German Standards (DIN) into the Korean language. They have been adopted in Korea as “KS”. On this basis, from 1984 to 1990 we successfully produced underfloor heating pipe together with Byucksan in our Korean-German joint venture and installed it in thousands of apartments (as complete-system with screed).

1988 Award of the German gas industry for rational use of natural gas. Project: Planning and installation of a district heating system with CHP plant and condensing boilers for a retirement home.


1932-95 All technical installations – district heating facilities, heat pumps, solar facilities and Combined Heat and Power plants – a) have been designed and planned by our own engineering office, b) have been installed by our own installation department and personnel at home and abroad (average 60 assemblers).


1990-95 Concentration on our „core business“ Engineering - Energy and Climate Conserving Technology - Biomass-fired Combined Heat and Power plants. The assembly and installation works are now executed by Klaft partner companies (European leading companies in biomass and energy technology).


2000 Highest award of a contest for energy modernization of buildings, presented by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation, Urban and Regional Development (project: Wohnstadt Fulda – Kohlhäuser Feld, Fulda).


2004 Korea, 1. wood chips fired boiler for flower crop houses in Hwasun; total heat performance: 1000 kW 2004-05 Korea, design of greatest biomass heating plant (CHP) in Daegu – superheated steam: 430°C - 28 bara; total steam amount 55 t/h, steam turbine: 1300 kWel + standby-boiler: 40t/h; Make: Polytechnik, start-up 2006 by Polytechnik


2009 Start of the program „BioKraft & Wärme“, a program developed by us for the rural area. Goal: climate neutral living, working and producing. - Cut in half the heating costs by electricity and heat from natural biomass. - Adding value for the region - explicit increase of purchasing power for the citizens. Our attempt to counter the demographic change, emigration und vacancies, decay of real estates, built during the last centuries.

Innovating ever since. Always thinking of how to simplify, combine and develop processes of heat generation and supply.

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