Energy Efficiency

1 Production of power / heat / cold with bio-fuels.


2 ŋ = Increase of efficiency of existing and new combustion facilities independent from fuel:


  a) Retrofitting of saturated steam heating plants and installation of Low-Pressure Combined Backpressure-Condensing Steam Turbines with heating condenser (LP-CBC-turbines) for power production.


  b) Worldwide new: H.T.C.-Technology (High Temp. Condensing Technology); increase of efficiency approx. 9 - 20 %.


Efficiency is the most important value besides the choice of fuel and the surrounding application when it comes to energy generation. It has a huge effect on investment and consumption of materials and power.

It is not without cause, efficiency is regulated more and more by laws. All ressources should be treated smart and sunstainably.


We made it our personal task to develop seminal technologies all over the years now. One of them is the High-Temperature Condensation (HTC) heat utilization, using all reserves of heat in the system to a maximum.

We bundle our know-how with the know-how of our partners in Europe and Asia. In two important areas for the climate conservation

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